My philosophy is simple, tell it the way it is, black and white, complete honesty and openness.

With my unique experience and insight into many industries, the process of selling or buying a business is pleasant and profitable for you.

I can assist you with not only appraising your business for immediate sale, but also assessing the business readiness for sale in the future.

Business Broker NZ Auckland - Richard Jacobs
About me...

Business Broker NZ
4 major benefits for you

In my experience, when a Business Owner is considering selling their business, typically the business in not ready for sale, hence the reason why engaging the right Business Broker is crucial to your success. I’m offering you:


Determining the value of your business and assessing the sale readiness is very complex and a serious task.

When appraising your business, I use all the knowledge gained through my extensive career (25 years) in the private sector, working across sales, marketing, operations, delivery, finance and general management.

During my initial appraisal of your business, I will assess whether your business is ready to be sold or not and what you can do to improve it and increase sale potential and price.


I can easily comprehend your business and assess sale potential being an award-winning salesperson, selling high end business solutions where I was exposed to literally hundreds of businesses across manufacturing, distribution, supply-chain, logistics and services industries.

I have  worked across entire organisations, helping them resolve business issues by evolving their culture, processes, human resources and technology to support continuity, planning and growth. The same I can do for you.


Walking in your shoes is easy for me, since the first business I sold was my own.


I know your fears, dilemmas, uncertainty, frustrations… Deciding to sell your business is a huge first step that leads you into unknown world.


I will guide you  through it, explain in layman terms everything you need to know, strategize with you and relive you from unnecessary burden so you can continue your regular work.


Beside your guts feeling, how can you judge me or any other Business Broker?

Well, with me, it is easy. Knowing that for you this may be the most important factor to decide who will be your Business Broker, I am giving you a comprehensive and completely free Business Appraisal. 

The task of doing a Business Appraisal is the best way for both of us to get to know each other. You will judge me by my result, communication and attitude and I will be able to assess your business and give you my expert opinion.

As I said, the most important first step when selling a business is the Business Appraisal. So, let’s get started!

Business Broker NZ Richard Jacobs
In a nutshell

You need someone to guide you thorough, what is often an extremely stressful process of selling a business, help you avoid mistakes and negotiate best possible price. I will do all that for you, and much more.

I will get to understand you, comprehend your goals and desires and find out what is an optimal outcome for you.

Business broker NZ Auckland Richard Jacobs

Selling your business is about you.

I examine what your organization is doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which of your strategies are working. Then, together we consider several scenarios in order to understand the implications of every choice you  can make. Using smart tools and, relevant to the Kiwi business resources, I will explain to you, in layman terms, steps we need to take to sell your business. All the while, you will be able to run your business as usual.

Business Broker NZ Richard Jacobs
My mission and vision

Business broker NZ mission and vision

I’m not just interested in getting a listing and hoping I can sell it for you.

My mission is helping my clients position and improve their business. Hearing their goals and thoughts, discovering possibilities and guiding them through the whole process is what gets me excited.

There are three quotes which are firmly incorporated into my business vision:

“It’s the journey that can teach you a lot about your destination.”

“One should enjoy both, the journey and the destination.”

“How you journey along is equally as important as the destination you are striving to.”

My vision is to show to as many business owners as I can that selling and buying a business can be a great and enlightening experience.

If you want, you can check my detailed experience and knowledge on LinkedIn and learn more about me on Facebook. 

Also, on the website of Barker Business Brokerage you can find out what my colleagues say about me.